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Dreamfarm, Inc.

The Dreamfarm Chopula is designed to do more! Sure you can use it to flip, with a front-flexible head that can finesse under even the most delicate ingredients. But it's also super-strong to securely lift foods, and you can use the special off-set side to chop ingredients like ground beef right in the pan! Plus the heat safe Chopula has a multi-curved head that doubles as a scraper, designed to reach every corner of your cookware, without scratching nonstick surfaces. The Chopula even makes clean-up easier with a lift-up handle that keeps the head up and off the counter. Ships in assorted colors. Dishwasher safe. Measures 11.6" l x 3.4" w.

Features of the Dreamfarm Chopula include:

  • A better spatula design for everyday use
  • Temperature resistant nylon constuction is safe up to 480°F and won't scratch cookware
  • Flexible front for flipping, yet incredibly strong on the side
  • Offset design lets you chop ingredients in the pan
  • Multi-curved head is designed to reach-and scrape- every corner of the pan
  • Clever handle design holds spatula head up and off the counter
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ships in assorted colors
  • 11.6" l x 3.4" w

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