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Mrs. Anderson's Baking Flat Roux Whisk, 10.75-Inches, Stainless Steel

Harold Import Company, Inc.

  • Mrs. Anderson’s Roux Whisk for making smoother sauces and gravies without the lumps and blending in roasted flavors deglazed from the bottom of pans
  • Made from stainless steel; flexible, sturdy, and durable; hangs for easy storage; measures 10.75 x 2.25-inches
  • Flat profile is ideal for working quickly right in the pan over a flame; scrape flavorful drippings from the bottom and blend smooth sauces and gravy
  • Great for making gravy directly in roasting pans, blending in thickening agents, making creamy alfredo sauce, hollandaise sauce, fluffy eggs, and more
  • Use a flat, circular motion on the pan base to loosen caramelized ingredients and blend into smooth flavorful sauces; dishwasher safe for easy cleanup