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New Orleans School of Cooking Handcrafted Authentic Louisiana Roux Spoon

New Orleans School of Cooking


A necessity for creating a flawless roux, these spoons are individually handcrafted in New Iberia, Louisiana and are made from solid cherry wood. The Roux Spoon is specially made for mastering Cajun dishes and best for making larger batches for your dinner parties or tailgating feast. These spoons make great gifts for Louisiana natives and visitors alike.

Each spoon is initialed by the craftsman!

Each spoon is shaped so the roux is easily and properly stirred, resulting in a full bodied, delicious base for all your favorite southern dishes.

To ensure our Roux Spoon remains a part of your family for years to come, we highly recommend washing it by hand. Apply mineral oil as needed to keep the spoon from drying out and becoming brittle over time and good use.

Product Details

Length: Roughly 15.5"

Material: Cherry Wood