Shrimp Deveiner

Harold Import Company, Inc.

Maine Man's Shrimp Deveiner makes it easy to clean and devein shrimp, and remove the shells in a single action. Easily clean shrimp and liberate every delicious bite in just seconds. It’s a helpful addition to cooking tools for making shrimp recipes faster and easier, like peel and eat shrimp, shrimp scampi, kabobs for grilling, shrimp salad, and so much more. Easy to use. Simply slip the tapered end under the shell and push it along the shrimp’s back. Pull upward to remove the shell and vein at the same time. Make sure to rinse cleaned shrimp well in cold water. For best results, thaw shrimp fully before attempting to clean It, but keep it well chilled. Made from food-safe plastic, Maine Man’s Shrimp Deveiner is durable and strong with a notched handle for secure grip