Buffalo Bob's Alligator Meat Snacks

Natural Selections Int'l., Inc.


Alligator is one of the leanest and most healthy meats found anywhere. The meat we use is farm-raised under strict conditions right here in the USA. The spicy recipes that complement this meat give it the especially unique taste that makes it the most popular product in our line.

Buffalo Bob's Wild Game Snack Sticks are a ready to eat, pepperoni-sausage product each weighing one ounce. Ground meat is mixed with seasonings, encased in an edible casing and then slow-smoked over selected hardwoods. To ensure freshness all products are individually vacuum-sealed.

100% REAL alligator, farm-raised and USDA Inspected. These alligator jerky and sticks also contain beef and pork. No MSG. No Gluten.