Subversive Sponges

Fred & Friends

  • FUN & FUNCTIONAL: Doing the dishes brings out the surly side in all of us; Show them how you really feel about tedious tasks with Genuine Fred’s SUBVERSIVE SPONGES; Made in collaboration with Subversive Cross Stitch
  • VERSATILE: Each set includes 4 unique embroidered sponges and 1 plastic gold frame; The frame can stand on your countertop or suctions to your sink or tile; 1 easel and 2 suction cups are included
  • EFFECTIVE DESIGN: The frame caddy has bottoms slits for drainage and open sides to allow for maximum aeration when placed on a counter or suctioned to the sink
  • CLEAN DISHES, DIRTY MOUTH: Observe cleanliness and stay sassy; SUBVERSIVE SPONGES feature four witty phrases in each pack; Phrases include: 'Clean up your act', 'Dishes be damned', 'Not gonna wash themselves', and 'Fuck dish shit'
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT: Genuine Fred's SUBVERSIVE SPONGES are packed in a colorful box, so it makes an easy gift as well as being suitable for everyday use; The witty sponges and clever visual make an exciting gift for anyone with a sense of humor.