Louisiana Fish Fry: Seasoned Crispy Fish Fry Seafood Breading Mix

J & S Foods, Inc.

Enhance your meals with the world-renowned flavor combinations of the south with Louisiana Fish Fry Products, Seasoned Fish Fry. This pre-seasoned mix supplies a golden fried coating that is carefully blended with herbs and spices for a versatile and tasty batter. Add Louisiana crispy fish fry to any meat or enjoy it on vegetables and seafood for a crisp coating that provides a kick of flavor. It contains just 20 calories per serving, so it's suitable for certain diets. This 10-oz Louisiana seasoned crispy fish fry provides a richer flavor than ordinary flour-based batters. Use it with sauces, boils and other Louisiana Fish Fry products, which are available separately, for a more authentic-tasting meal.