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Across the Table Cookbook by Anne Leonhard & Harriet Robin

New Orleans School of Cooking

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New Orleans natives, childhood friends and beloved New Orleans School of Cooking chefs Anne and Harriet have written a wonderful collection of savory Southern recipes and hilarious stories in their very first cookbook, Across the Table. Anne and Harriet have been featured on the Steve Harvey show over half a dozen times, where they are often referred to as Steve Harvey’s “New Orleans Grannies”. Whether in person, on television, or through their book, their distinct personalities, senses of humor and years of cooking experience shine through! 

From the authors: “Gumbo, Jambalaya, Étouffée and PoBoys are all dishes that we in south Louisiana have grown up with. When you’re surrounded by all this good food you tend to take it for granted. But, over the years we’ve learned it really is extra-special…and we can’t wait to share! These recipes are from our family and friends. Heaven only knows where they got them, but they are the kind of recipes that are shared over a cup of coffee, with a side of pecan pie, from Across the Table.”